Going back to school as an adult means striking a balance among many areas in your life. You likely work full time. Perhaps you have children or other family members to care for, and you want to give enough attention to all of your responsibilities. At Walden, we help you maintain that balance and ultimately achieve your goals.

We’re all in it together. To help you thrive, we offer the following features and services so that you can earn your PhD in Human and Social Services, PhD in Education, or Doctor of Education (EdD) while taking care of your family, your job, and your own well-being.

Customized Registration

At Walden, you can choose your course load from term to term. You could register for only one course, add an extra course when you have more time, or take a term off when your priorities change. You’ll work with your student success advisor to create a plan that fits your life, especially when you experience a change that affects how much time you can commit to your studies.

Kid-Friendly Residencies

In-person residencies are a necessary and useful part of your doctoral program, and we want you to make the most of them. To that end, we hold residencies each year in places that kids would also enjoy visiting, including Orlando and Anaheim, California. While you are learning and networking, your children can be enjoying themselves in the pool or at a theme park.

Doctoral Peer Mentors

As a new doctoral student, you may have questions or just need some advice. At Walden you are never alone on your journey. Request a doctoral peer mentor from a list of current doctoral students who will provide guidance and support in the beginning stages of your program.

Doctoral Support Podcasts

To help you succeed as you balance work, family, and your studies, our Writing Center offers the WriteCast podcasts on a variety of writing-related topics including Favorite Apps to Save You Time and The Literature Review: Tackling the Hard Questions. Our Academic Skills Center offers the Savvy Student podcasts on topics to support your success, such as Statistics Anxiety and Perfectionism. You can listen while you are driving, exercising, or waiting for an appointment, allowing you to learn and grow at a time that fits your schedule.

Virtual Check-In Groups

As you get oriented to your program, you have the opportunity to join unique weekly virtual check-ins, led by a senior mentor/advisor, with other beginning doctoral students. You might find someone you can call on when you get stuck, pick up some helpful time management tips, or even make a lifelong friend.

Faculty Who Understand Your Needs

Our faculty members receive specific training on teaching adult learners who have family and work demands outside of school. They are always available to work with you when life is pulling you in different directions.

Family Support Webinars

You thrive when your family thrives. Our on-demand webinars show you how to bring your whole family with you on your educational journey. Hear firsthand from experts and students how you can best involve your partner or spouse, your children, and even your parents in your doctoral journey.

Call an enrollment specialist at 866-492-5336 to learn more about these support services.