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Marketing Insight: What Is UX Design?

Four key characteristics will help UX designers keep up.

In the early days of the internet, website design was experimental and, at times, basic. Programmers and developers were building interactions based on what they believed may work, with little research-based decision-making. Eventually, the user experience (UX) design field was born, with a focus on making websites and applications effective and easy to use.

What makes for an engaging website or app? Is it heavily dependent on brand influencers or marketing strategy? Many factors contribute to a successful website or app, including design, accessibility, effective digital marketing management, and more.

One of the most significant factors that contributes to website or app success is good UX design. UX encompasses how a person feels when they interface with a site or system. It can involve websites, web apps, or other types of software. People who work in UX design often have a marketing degree and use their knowledge to study and evaluate how users interact with a system. They consider things like the utility and efficiency of a website or app.

While some designs can be beautiful and engaging, one of the main principles of effective UX design is simply avoiding confusing or frustrating your users. One example of simple and effective UX design is when Gmail alerts a user that they need to give permission when e-mailing a Google Drive file.1 This small solution helps ensure that users don’t send files that the recipient can’t access.

Designers who focus on UX ensure all communication and points of contact with a consumer are seamless. They consider everything from digital interfaces to audience preference. What are some essential skills and traits a UX designer needs in order to be successful? Because UX design is such a nuanced profession, a master’s in marketing could be beneficial. Pursuing a graduate degree could also help aspiring UX designers develop a few key skills. The most important characteristics of a good UX designer include:

Passion for Research

One of the most compelling aspects of UX design is that the field is constantly evolving. In order to succeed in this profession, UX designers need to continually research and understand what their audience wants. Developing the ability to plan and analyze findings from their research will help designers deploy more effective solutions.

Understanding of Wireframing and Prototyping

UX designers use wireframes as a visual representation of the interface. A wireframe is a bare-bones layout, without branding elements or other designs. Consider a UX designer the architect of a new home, and the wireframe the foundation. Wireframes help establish a clear outline for the development moving forward, before any of the official designs are implemented.

Insight Into Psychology

One way to persuade and influence users is to use the psychological concept of reciprocation.2 UX designers should be mindful of the motivations behind an exchange to make the interface stronger and more impactful. People are busy, and they want to know immediately what’s in it for them before they choose to engage. Demonstrating the value of a product helps ensure users will be invested.

Ability to Collaborate and Communicate

Communication and collaboration are valuable skills in any field, but especially for UX designers. Whether they’re testing new capabilities or researching with stakeholders, most of their work is collaborative.

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