Earn your MS in Psychology sooner through one of the most affordable MS in Psychology programs available online.

Prepare to apply the latest psychological research and theory to real-world problems whether you choose to work in a community agency, in a healthcare setting, or within the educational or social services systems. Walden’s master’s degree in psychology prepares you to pursue exciting new opportunities in the field.

Walden’s MS in Psychology program offers 12 specializations so you can focus your learning on your interests and goals. Gain the knowledge and develop the skills you need to seek career advancement, help others, or prepare for doctoral-level studies. Open to students of all undergraduate backgrounds, this program provides a solid foundation in basic scientific methods and psychological principles. Our redesigned MS in Psychology program now offers enriched content and streamlined coursework—allowing you to complete your degree in as little as 15 months*. Six of the specializations even allow you to accelerate your path to a PhD by applying credits earned from your master’s program.

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MS in Psychology

MS in Psychology at Walden University
Walden University’s Masters Degree in Psychology puts you at the forefront of the latest psychological research and theory.


As a student in the MS in Psychology program, you will:

  • Apply psychological knowledge and research to real-world situations.
  • Think critically and independently about theory and research.
  • Conduct basic or applied research.
  • Apply psychological concepts to a variety of settings.
  • Prepare for further graduate study at the certificate or doctoral level.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be prepared to:

  1. Describe the foundations of psychology.
  2. Synthesize psychological theory and research to apply in real-world situations, such as in educational, social, organizational, and health settings.
  3. Interpret psychological theory and research.
  4. Describe psychological theory, research, and practice from a multicultural and/or global perspective.
  5. Apply psychological theory, research, and practice to scholarly and/or professional activities that promote positive social change.

Accelerated Path to a Doctoral Degree

Would you like to save time and money when you earn your PhD in Psychology? You can. If you enroll in one of the specializations listed below, you can apply credits from the MS in Psychology program toward a doctorate in psychology from Walden.

Credits you earn from all of the courses (with the exception of PSYC 6001) may be applied toward Walden’s PhD in Psychology degree program. The specialization you choose for your master’s program will determine which doctoral specialization will offer you the most transfer credits.

Find detailed information for this program, including possible occupations, completion rate, program costs, and median student loan debt.

Note on Licensure:
The MS in Psychology is not a licensure program and does not prepare an individual to become a licensed psychology or counseling professional.

*Time to completion may vary by student.


Sonya Walker

Sonya Walker

MS in Psychology Graduate
I so loved Walden’s focus on social change. Educational choice and freedom is important to me. Through my research, my writing, and my teaching, I truly can create change.
No other school would have enabled me to complete my degree, be a mother, and travel in and out of the country as a working professional.
Walden University is a resource-loaded, caring network of faculty and students that allows anyone in the world to fulfill their educational goals while improving the world we live in.
Gina Riley MS and PhD in Psychology Graduate
Gina Riley
Linnaya Graf MPH & PhD in Public Health Graduate / MS in Psychology Student
Linnaya Graf
Michael Wayne Hubbell MS in Psychology Graduate
Michael Hubbell
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