Tempo Learning by Walden University offers an innovative, custom-paced way to complete your degree in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Our program lets you use your real-world work experience to potentially speed your progress, plus offers learnings that can be applied in your job immediately.

At Your Pace

Whether you’re a fast-paced learner or want more time to fully absorb your studies, our learning experience adapts to your style—not to a calendar.

On Your Schedule

With no weekly deadlines, a mobile-optimized experience, access to content on demand, and online communication with faculty, you decide when and how you learn.

Control Your Cost

A subscription-based model means you have a way to control your tuition cost. Your work experience may speed your progress, potentially saving you time and money.

More About Tempo Learning

Built on Competencies

Tempo Learning is a competency-based education experience. That means your progress is measured by proving your knowledge, skills, and expertise through a variety of assessment opportunities.

Real-World Knowledge From the Start

Competencies are skills, knowledge, and abilities that students use to demonstrate their progress. For each degree, a series of competencies that students need to be successful in their careers is identified.

Students progress toward their degree by showing mastery of competencies through a variety of assessments, such as selected responses, short answers, or work products.

Tempo Online Learning Experience

Customized Learning Map

Tempo Customized Learning Map
Create a personalized plan to reach your career and educational goals – at the pace that is right for you.

Plan Map Track

Tempo Plan Map Track
Track your progress, or change your plan if life intervenes. Tempo Learning provides the flexibility you need to be successful.

Raise My Hand

Tempo Raise My Hand
Walden faculty proactively engage students on each competency. You can also reach out to faculty for guidance during your studies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tempo


Seletha Tucker

Seletha Tucker

MS in Early Childhood Studies Graduate / EdD Student
I like that if I was very knowledgeable about a certain topic, I could complete the competency more quickly, and if I needed to take my time on others, this was possible.
Walden’s instructors are there to assist in your education. You are never alone in your journey.
Being able to exercise, rehearse, and express my ideas regarding my passion in education has been a reflective process. I realized we should all aim to effect positive social change in our communities. If we leave a positive mark, then our job has been done well!
Jeneva Davis MS in Early Childhood Studies Student (Tempo Learning)
Yvette Taylor MS in Early Childhood Studies Graduate
Yvette Taylor
Gustavo Sever EdD Graduate
Gustavo Sever