One of the many benefits of our increasingly global society is more flexible access to education. Students from countries all over the world are choosing accredited online degree programs to meet their educational needs, and Nigeria is among them. In fact, many Nigerian students and alumni are applying the skills they learned while studying at an online university to key positions throughout the country.

Headquartered in the United States (U.S.), Walden University offers online degree programs for students living outside of the U.S., including online master’s and doctoral programs. The following graduates are great examples of how Walden has helped students in their professional endeavors.

Dr. Prince Augustine Ordu

After Dr. Prince Augustine Ordu graduated from Walden University’s online PhD program with a PhD in Health Services, he put his lifelong dream to work—helping his home country of Nigeria. Dr. Ordu’s clean water initiative—which is supported in part by volunteers affiliated with the Etche-America Foundation (EAF)—makes clean water available to the Ozuzu community in Rivers State, Nigeria. This work helped Dr. Ordu earn Walden’s Outstanding Alumni Award in 2009. A member of the EAF, Dr. Ordu leads other projects, including those focused on community building, education, economics, and health issues in Nigeria. He is an active member of the Peoples Club of Nigeria International, the American Management Association, and the National Association of Health Services Executives.

David Eshemitan

Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa*, and Walden University alumnus David Eshemitan put his Walden master’s degree to good use assessing the Odidi oil production facilities. Eshemitan was part of a team working to develop a multimillion-dollar petroleum oil project that would not only supply a critical natural resource, but would be built in a way that protects the community and environment. Eshemitan believes that as part of Walden’s online master’s degree program, he learned the crucial leadership and teamwork skills that have helped him become so successful in his role as an engineer.

Eshemitan holds an MS degree and works as a senior facility engineer at Sinopec International Petroleum Company of Nigeria (SIPEC).


Dr. Uchenna Ekwo

Dr. Uchenna Ekwo spent 18 years as a journalist in Nigeria. During that time—amid international conflicts and violence—he believed that journalists could do more to shape the conversation and promote peace. However, it wasn’t until Dr. Ekwo was earning his online PhD in Public Policy and Administration that he developed a plan to combat this issue.

In 2011, Dr. Ekwo created the Diaspora Media Initiative as part of the Center for Media and Peace Initiatives, a nonprofit he cofounded in 2005. According to Dr. Ekwo, “Some of the courses I took at Walden also exposed me to international perspectives on a wide range of disciplines that were useful in putting together this program.” As part of the Diaspora Media Initiative, Dr. Ekwo partnered with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey to host a weeklong institute and a 6-month certificate program for international journalists. The 1-week program features networking, panels, and field trips to meet U.S. journalists in newspaper, radio, and television newsrooms in the New York City area. The certificate program includes four courses, with an online learning format.

“It’s important that journalists appreciate their role in peace-building and conflict resolution in a world characterized by intolerance, political paralysis, and a clash of civilizations,” Ekwo says. “The program will bring about lasting, visible change in how news is reported.”


Walden University’s diverse learning community includes students from more than 155 countries around the globe, and as such, offers a number of benefits to international students, including those in Nigeria.

  • VALUE: Online university tuition savings are available to students from Nigeria to help with the costs of earning a degree from Walden.
  • SUPPORT: Walden’s International Student Advising Team provides personalized attention to each student. Students also have access to library and research support, fundamental skills support, technical support, and more.
  • GUIDANCE: You’ll have an easy transition into the Walden community, thanks to an admission process designed specifically for international students.

Whether your online learning objective is to achieve a personal goal or advance in your field, earning a degree from an accredited institution in the U.S. can create new personal and professional opportunities for you.

*U.S. Energy Information Administration, Nigeria, the Largest Crude Oil Producer in Africa, Is a Major Source of U.S. Imports, Today in Energy, on the Internet at

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