Cyber Security and Forensics Concentration - BS in Information Technology

Become a critical player in today’s networked world, where demand is high for skilled professionals who can secure confidential information and block unauthorized access. Businesses everywhere rely upon these well-trained and experienced specialists who can identify security vulnerabilities and implement frameworks for incident prevention, response, and recovery.

In this concentration, you will:

  • Analyze security and privacy issues in real-world cases.
  • Recognize appropriate techniques both to minimize risks and to react to security breaches.
  • Investigate techniques and tools specific to network, system software, and application software security.
  • Study ways to structure computer-security practices in alignment with organizational needs.

Degree Completion Requirements

  • 181 total quarter credits
    • General education courses (46 cr.)*
    • Core courses (85 cr.)
    • Concentration courses (20 cr.)
    • Elective courses (20 cr.)
    • Capstone courses (10 cr.)

Students may be eligible to transfer up to 135 credits. At least 45 credits must be completed at Walden.

This sequence represents the minimum time to completion. Time to completion will vary by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable. For a personalized estimate of your time to completion, call an enrollment advisor at 1-866-492-5336.

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First Term Course

Core Courses

Concentration Courses

IT Electives Courses

Choose four courses from general education, BS in Information Technology, or other Walden bachelor’s degree programs. Your elective credits should total 20 to meet your program requirements. You may also be eligible to transfer previous credit to meet your elective requirements. Note on minors: Electives can also be used to complete a six-course minor. Although this program requires fewer than six elective courses, you have the option to complete a minor and graduate with more than the required number of credits for this program.

Capstone Courses