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Steven Seifried

Contributing Faculty

College of Health Professions

School of Health Sciences

Degree Program Master of Public Health (MPH)

Steven E. Seifried earned his PhD in Physical Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in May 1986. Dr. Seifried’s broad perspective of molecular biosciences, biostatistics, and bioinformatics is mirrored in his long-term interest in the appropriate application of technology for the delivery of curricular elements. A Medical Informatics Fellow of the National Library of Medicine, he has been the local champion for online curricular and bioinformatic resources. He designed, authored, and edited a number of multimedia web-based tools, including a Military-Unique Curriculum required for all incoming physicians of the Department of Defense and an extensive course companion for medical school human anatomy that includes annotated cadaveric and radiologic images. In addition to undergraduate, medical school, graduate, and post-graduate teaching, Dr. Seifried served as course designer and administrator of a “pure” Problem Based Learning curriculum for the 2nd semester of medical school. Dr. Seifried joined Walden University in 2008 as a part-time faculty member with the intent to bring a molecular biosciences and medicine perspective to the School of Public Health, while recognizing the unique paradigm of Walden’s online environment matched his long-time interest in information technology.


BA, Wittenberg University

PhD, University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee

Awards / Honors

Medical Informatics Fellow, National Library of Medicine, 2001


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