Laura Schindler

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Dr. Laura Schindler’s educational and professional background is in organizational psychology, with a particular emphasis on adult learning, training and development, instructional design, and program evaluation. Dr. Schindler has over 14 years of experience designing, delivering, and evaluating online and blended curricula and training within the higher education industry. She has collaborated with subject matter experts in the United States and internationally to develop high quality instruction and multimedia in content areas including psychology, counseling, business, criminal justice, and public administration. She has also conducted in-depth evaluations of academic programs and university services and delivered data-driven recommendations to administrators on how to improve student learning outcomes, student experience, and compliance with federal/state regulations, accreditation standards, and best practices. In addition, Dr. Schindler has developed comprehensive training programs in the areas of instructional design and quality assurance. Currently, Dr. Schindler works as digital learning and teaching consultant where she provides guidance and support in the design, development, and evaluation of high-quality online instruction for adult learners. Dr. Schindler’s research interests focus on training and development, instructional design and delivery, and educational technology.


PhD, Walden University

MS, Walden University

BS, Towson University