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Lakisha Mearidy-Bell

Contributing Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Health

Barbara Solomon School of Social Work

Degree Program Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

Dr. Lakisha Mearidy-Bell is the Executive Director and Founder of Trinity Grant Services and Trinity Foundation of Hope for Natural Disaster Victims. Also, Dr. Bell is a Contributing Faculty within the Doctoral Program in the Barbara Solomon School of Social Work.

Dr. Bell formerly served as a Board Member, Social Worker and Grant Consultant with the HUD, Neighborhood Networks, Lazard Education Center. She also implemented academic enrichment and human services programs in the East Baton Rouge and Lafayette Parish district. In addition, Dr. Bell and her husband, Minister Lee Bell, implemented human services programs in collaboration with several churches to promote social change within communities in need.

Dr. Bell is a Certified Grant Writer and Grant Consultant, and provides reviews federal, state, and local grants for nonprofit organizations in the human services profession. She has published numerous articles on grant research in higher education under the grant association. She has formerly served as an Advisory Board member with the East Baton Rouge ICARE Program and has played an intricate role in the lives of students in East Baton Rouge Parish schools and colleges in Lafayette Parish and New Roads, Louisiana. Dr. Bell moved to Louisiana from Orlando, Florida and is active in her disaster foundation and grant agency. Dr. Bell's hobbies are reading and meditation on the beach, working in various community human services projects to promote positive social change, and most importantly, teaching and assisting Masters and Doctoral students in accomplishing their dreams of achieving gainful employment and contributing to their professional field. Dr. Bell is an active traveler who loves to share her human services and ministry with those in need of resources and encouragement.


PhD, Capella University - Minneapolis , MN United States

Public Service

American Psychological Association , Member - Baton Rouge, LA United States

Trinity Foundation of Hope for Natural Disaster Victims, Executive Director

Awards / Honors

Social Worker of the Year, Lazard Education Center, 2006


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