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Karla Phlypo

Academic Coordinator

College of Management and Technology

School of Management

Degree Program Ph.D. Management

Dr. Phlypo actively studies business & economic model innovation, specializing in disruptive innovation, design thinking, knowledge management, and leadership. This research has led to expertise in the anatomy of for-profit, ‘bridging organizations’ and their uses of external communities as a key enabler for successful product development and innovation. Dr. Phlypo is currently working as the academic coordinator for the PhD in Management program and is responsible for the new program model and upgrade. She mentored over 30 people and has helped over 20 students graduate.

Dr. Phlypo is active in publishing and presenting her research. A recent, specific application of her research is to develop new business model innovations in the field of talent recruiting and human resource management. Dr. Phlypo presented at the European Conference of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in September 2013. Dr. Phlypo has also contributed to a book entitled Smarter Innovation. Phlypo, K. (2014). Smarter innovation. K. Pugh (ed.) London: Ark Group. She also presented a paper at the E-learning and Pedagogy conference in November 2015 on Mentoring in an on-line environment. Most recently Dr. Phlypo presented at the European E-learning conference September 2019. Phlypo, K. & Rick, H. (2019) Choose your own adventure self-directed adult learning and assessment. European Conference on E-Learning Copenhagen Denmark. Currently she is working on a book centered on communications in knowledge management.

Previously Dr. Phlypo spent 20+ years within automotive engineering and manufacturing at General Motors. She held the role of Global Knowledge Manager within GM Engineering until 2012. In this capacity, she facilitated 140 expert teams, and coached a broad cross-functional spectrum of engineering disciplines globally, with the primary focus being on the contextual reuse of the enterprises’ explicit knowledge and enabling effective global collaboration. She completed more than 3500 coaching sessions, as well as sponsored and facilitated several workshops aimed at developing a common domain view for the KM international, interdisciplinary professional community. She is the co-author of the Knowledge Management and application domain published in 2010. Currently, Dr. Phlypo positive social change initiatives involve mentoring to women reentering the workforce, as well as supporting Heftier international program for small village sustainability.

Courses Taught

MGMT 8000 - Foundations for Ph.D. Study

MGMT 8010 - Mgmt. in Human and Soc. Devel

AMDS 8840 - Independent Doctoral Study

MGMT 8100 - Prospectus Dissertation Mentoring

MGMT 9000 - Doctoral Dissertation

SBSF 7100 - Doctoral Dissertation


MBA, Columbia Southern

PhD, Walden University

Public Service

Heifer International, Volunteer

Awards / Honors

Faculty Excellence Award, PhD in Management, 2018


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