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Karin Polifko

Contributing Faculty

College of Health Professions

School of Health Sciences

Degree Program Ph.D. Health Services

Karin Polifko earned her PhD in Urban Health / Public Administration from Old Dominion University. Dr. Polifko has spanned both the academic and service areas of health care. In her academic positions, she has held the roles of director, dean and vice president. She has held service positions of vice president for education and research and administrative director for critical care services.

She has taught in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels and will be working with students in their dissertations/capstone projects at Walden. In addition, Dr. Polifko has consulted with numerous healthcare and institutions of higher education with past projects that included new college and program development, outcomes management, accreditation preparation and curriculum assessment and revision.


PhD, Old Dominion University - Norfolk, United States

MSN, University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA United States

BSN, University of North Carolina, Charlotte - Charlotte, NC United States

Public Service

Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity , Board of Directors - , United States

SW Advocacy Group, Board of Directors - Gainesville, FL United States

International Mentoring Association, Committee Member - , United States


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