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BS in Psychology: A Degree With Many Career Options

A bachelor’s degree in psychology can help start you on the path to success in a wide variety of careers.

In a world where technology continues to provide new ways to communicate, knowing how to actually connect with others can be a great professional attribute. In fact, many career experts rate “people skills” as one of the most valuable workplace skills you can have.* One way to help acquire those skills is to earn a BS in Psychology. This versatile degree can help you better understand individual and group behaviors, and give you the skills you need to succeed in multiple career paths—particularly those geared toward helping others.

What Will I Learn in a Psychology Degree Program?

Dr. Marilyn Powell, dean of Walden University’s School of Psychology, calls a Bachelor of Science in Psychology a door-opening degree. “The number one advantage of earning a BS in Psychology is that the field applies to almost any opportunities graduates seek,” she says. “It provides skills to understand human behavior, as well as principles of critical thinking and scientific investigation that are applicable to all jobs in some substantial way.” BS in Psychology career options span a variety of diverse fields, such as business, law, government, education, healthcare, and social services.

BS in Psychology: A Degree With Many Career Options

You can enter so many different careers with a psychology degree because there’s a lot of value in understanding the psychological principles of relationships, biology, human development, motivation, and behavior. With a BS in Psychology, you can use your knowledge in psychology-focused settings—such as with a social services agency. Alternately, you can apply your learnings more indirectly, such as in a business environment where the ability to motivate others and reach consensus is vital. A BS in Psychology can also help you enter law enforcement and correctional environments, where you can work to improve existing systems and contribute to the well-being of communities.

Do I Have the Right Personality for a Career in Psychology?

According to Dr. Powell, if you’re interested in how systems and people work—and are compassionate and curious—you’re likely to enjoy the study of psychology, whether you attend a program at a campus-based university or earn an online psychology degree. A BS in Psychology is a particularly good choice for those committed to social change. “Students who are empathic and determined to use their skills for good—who can really see all sides of situations and apply reason and logic to support others to grow and change—are especially drawn to and successful in psychology,” Dr. Powell says. “There are so many problems in our world to solve, and psychology students typically want to be part of the problem-solving process—to really analyze and understand the issues, work with others to come up with new ideas, and implement change.”

What Background Will I Need in a Psychology Career?

While those who earn a bachelor’s in psychology often share similar interests, they come from all kinds of backgrounds. Many use their degree to help them advance within their current career. Others are looking to start a new career or enter the workplace for the first time. Because there are so many careers in psychology, as well as so many professions that value employees with people skills and a knowledge of human behavior, a degree in psychology can help you get ahead.

Online psychology courses make it particularly convenient for you to start your studies sooner rather than later, allowing you to work on your own schedule and in a location that suits your needs, as opposed to having to travel to on-campus classes at a particular time. With the right BS in Psychology program, you can learn how to apply principles of psychology to many areas of life, and in very practical ways. The people skills and knowledge you gain can be invaluable to your life and career. This one degree has so many possibilities.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering online psychology degree programs. Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,

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