What Is Human Resource Management?

How a master’s in human resources management can help you land the perfect job

First things first: What is human resource management?

Human resource management, commonly known as “HR” or “personnel,” is the business of managing an organization’s most valuable asset: people.

If a business has employees, there’s a human resource professional to help recruit, hire, and train them. And many of these HR professionals, especially at the mid and senior levels, hold a master’s in human resources, training that helps them provide value to both their organizations and the employees who work there.

Careers in human resource management

Those who earn their master’s in human resource management may be eligible for a number of in-demand HR positions responsible for:

  • Recruiting and hiring employees
  • Creating training programs and training employees
  • Managing pay and benefit systems
  • Creating and implementing workplace policies
  • Analyzing individual and group performance

Once you receive your human resource management degree, you can choose to be a human resource generalist, which covers a comprehensive range of duties, or a human resource specialist, which concentrates on expertise in one specific area of HR.

Jobs in HR: A bright future

Even in a shaky economy, nearly all companies need human resource professionals, making it an in-demand career for those holding human resource management degrees.

Indeed, the job forecast continues to look good for human resource management.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is expected to grow steadily at a rate of 13% until 2022, with a 2012 median salary of just under $100,000.

Are you interested in receiving your master’s in human resources? Explore how Walden’s MS in Human Resource Management can help you reach your career goals.

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