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Walden PhD in Management students and graduates can offer unique insights into learning at Walden. Their firsthand experiences provide a glimpse of what you can expect from a doctoral degree program that takes an interdisciplinary approach to the field of management.

These students and graduates offer feedback about how their experience in Walden’s online PhD in Management program has made a positive impact on their lives and society:

    • Robert Gray“I teach at local universities, and I can use my knowledge to improve the writing skills of my students. I will use my understanding of APA style to aid them in their research and papers.”

      Robert Gray, PhD in Management Student

    • Dennis Mitterer“The environment at Walden is refreshingly different. From the educational advisors, to the library staff, to the instructors, each seeks ways to make the educational experience challenging and fun.”

      Dennis Mitterer, PhD in Management Student

    • Frank Boateng“Walden University is a unique institution graduating students who are ready to make the world a better place.”

      Frank Boateng, PhD in Management Student

    • Gregory Campbell“I knew my decision to attend Walden was the right choice from the very first class. I gained knowledge and skills that I could immediately apply to my career as an executive. My Walden experience has truly transformed me into a scholar-practitioner and enhanced my professional knowledge, skills, and abilities.”

      Dr. Gregory Campbell, PhD in Management 2012 Graduate

    • Anna Siyavora“I’m from Phoenix, Ariz., but I’m originally from Zimbabwe. I am the CEO and president of New Hope for Living in Phoenix, and I am already using my PhD to effect positive social change. The organization serves more than 100 children with autism. I’m in the process of trying to open a school in Zimbabwe for children who have disabilities.”

      Dr. Anna Siyavora, PhD in Management 2010 Graduate

    • David Finch“I am a strong proponent of Walden’s vision of a scholar-practitioner. As a full-time academic who is engaged is the scholarly community, I think the traditional silos between academia and ‘the real world’ are relics of the past. Walden’s social change mandate is not only unique, it is inspiring. It challenges every one of us to not only be better scholars but to be better citizens.”

      Dr. David Finch, PhD in Management 2010 Graduate

    • Linda Moerschell“Don’t think that once you defend your dissertation and the chief academic officer signs off that your work is complete. Maintain open communication with your dissertation committee. It’s only the beginning of friendships that support incredibly valuable writing and publishing opportunities.”

      Dr. Linda Moerschell, PhD in Management 2009 Graduate
      Connections: Publishing With Colleagues: Dr. Linda Moerschell shares how staying connected with faculty has furthered her research.

    • Jim Smucker“I’m a big believer in pursuing what we are passionate about and not what might be the most lucrative career. I have also been very active in the local business community, including serving as chair of the board of our Chamber of Commerce, and was struck by how many people were in highly successful careers but lacked passion for their work. They did not seem happy in what they were doing. I constantly remind my three college-aged children to pursue their passion, a vocation, not just a job that pays well. If we find our true passions, I believe the rest will take care of itself.”

      Dr. Jim Smucker, PhD in Management 2001 Graduate

    • Mary Schreiber“I was a mother of three children balancing work and family and strived for advanced education. I needed a curriculum that challenged my intellect and allowed me to maintain the balance of work and family. Walden was the answer!”

      Dr. Mary Schreiber, PhD in Management 1996 Graduate

    • James Thomas Milton“Getting the word out about your work no longer happens only through reviews in magazines or newspapers. You need to proactively identify and reach your audiences in a variety of ways. Ebooks generate communities of readers. Book clubs are always seeking new material. (At the end of each novel, I include a guide to help readers discuss the issues raised.) Spread your message by speaking at events related to your work. Remember to reach out to your audience and engage them.”

      Dr. James Thomas Milton, PhD in Management 1995 Graduate

    • Maritza Soto“I learned to research everything. Since earning my PhD, I have conducted many projects that contribute to my profession and my community. For example, I’ve conducted research about women in the workforce, specifically in Puerto Rico. Currently, I’m researching human resources practices in family businesses. I’m passing my research skills on to my students, and I’ve also been able to integrate distance learning for my students because of my experience at Walden.”

      Dr. Maritza Soto, PhD in Management 1993 Graduate

    • “If you’re interested in a rigorous academic experience that will qualify you to make a contribution in your field, consider Walden University.”

      Judith Warren, PhD in Management Student

    • “If money were no object, would you work in your current position for free? This simple question will help you identify your passion. Once you’ve identified it, build your career around it. I found my passion in college when I volunteered for a main street business association. Through my work as an advocate, I promoted economic change and slowly watched a two-mile economic corridor flourish. I loved this work, and many years later I launched a business to center my work on this passion. I never lost sight of my goal to be a community leader. Develop a similar focus. It will provide centeredness to your performance and keep you on a path to success.

      I am self-employed and feel that my experience at Walden has expanded my knowledge. I now have the skills to present and deliver research-based writing that will support my professional commitments.”

      Dr. Wanda Corner, PhD in Management 2013 Graduate

    • “I’ve been a manager at NASA the entire time I attended Walden University. Gaining skills through the PhD in Management program actually made my job a whole lot easier.”

      Dr. Vernotto McMillan, PhD in Management 2010 Graduate

    • “Walden’s PhD program’s format and rigor produces the environment for a better outcome. The professors make for the skills and coaching part of the environment and they will only let you fail if you have not done the work or have not made the attempt to succeed. The library is second to none. That leaves it pretty much up to students—how students pursue their dreams is probably the deciding factor in success."

      Michael P. Haydock, PhD in Management 2008 Graduate
      Michael accepted a position with IBM as vice president and partner of advanced customer analytics and optimization. Haydock will be involved with IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative, which is using advanced mathematics to improve customer relationships.

    • “My education from Walden molded me into who I am: a socially responsible person who gives back to society as much as I can. It helped me develop the self-confidence to achieve my goals.”

      Peter Njenga, PhD in Management 2006 Graduate
      Light Up Your Cause: Our community shares how to launch and run a successful nonprofit.

    • “As a result of earning my PhD at Walden University, I was able to pursue my dream and become a dean of a university in Boston.”

      Bob Duhainy, PhD in Management 1965 Graduate

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