PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; MTHM, Temple University; BS, Morgan State University

Research Interests

Contextual determinants of chronic diseases; gynecologic cancers; taste genetics; measurement of healthcare performance and quality of care in differing countries; role of health systems (including the global migration of healthcare workers) in global health; medical tourism; health diplomacy


Dr. Thomas has expertise in health policy analysis, women’s health, health behavior, theory-building, epidemiological research, public health and program evaluation, and community-based participatory research. She has been engaged in study design, statistical analyses, evaluation of genetic, biobehavioral and psychosocial factors, public health interventions that promote healthy lifestyles, and environmental policies which affect access to health-promoting resources. Dr. Thomas has more than 15 years of experience in human resource management and health policy. Previously, she served as vice president of Global Health Policy, Prevention of Chronic Diseases, and Wellness Promotion at Transformational Development Consortium, LLC, a leading international company facilitating consulting services in health systems, wellness promotions, and disease prevention projects. Dr. Thomas is active in professional associations and has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals specializing in public health.