PhD, MSc, Oklahoma State University

Research Interests 

Behavioral medicine and health psychology: biofeedback, neurotherapy, brain fitness training, mind-body integration in relaxation, and stress and chronic pain management; non-drug treatment of eating disorders, brain injury, and ADHD; clinical neuroscience: brain injury and neurocognitive rehabilitation, functional and forensic EEG brain mapping; the scientific status of “brain fingerprinting” in forensics


Dr. Wong is board certified in clinical neurophysiology, integrating neuropsychology, behavioral medicine, and applied psychophysiology. He has been teaching for 16 years and has been licensed in Pennsylvania since 1985, practicing as a psychologist in psychiatric hospitals, medical rehabilitation clinics, special education residential programs, and private practice. He has designed and conducted nationally 12 professional workshop series that have trained healthcare professionals in behavioral medicine, neurofeedback, quantitative EEG, and neurophysiology, including supervision for Ph.D. board certification in quantitative EEG.