Gene FuschEducation

PhD, MEd, BS, Southern Illinois University

Research Interests

Leadership and organizational behavior; organizational culture; employee assessment; maximizing workplace performance; training and learning; performance interventions; project/program evaluation and return on investment; change management; entrepreneurship; technology management; advanced manufacturing (aerospace and marine industries)


Dr. Fusch’s career has spanned both the education and business arenas. As an educator, he has chaired doctoral committees and helped numerous executive-level students pursue their learning goals. In addition to teaching, Dr. Fusch was the project manager for the National Resource Center for Materials Science Education; principal investigator for a National Science Foundation project in composites manufacturing for the marine and aerospace industries; site director and professor for several Southern Illinois University extension programs; and associate dean of technology for Bellingham Technical College. He has written articles for several peer-reviewed and professional publications on performance, human resource development, and return-on-investment strategies. He also co-authored a management book on organizational performance interventions that is currently in publisher review. Dr. Fusch has worked with numerous organizations as a leadership and organizational performance consultant. He serves as a core faculty consultant and methodologist for the Walden DBA program.