Gary BurkholderEducation

PhD, MA, The University of Rhode Island

Research Interests

Multivariate methods; qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research designs; survey development; substance use and sex risk among adolescents; HIV research; online education; LGBT, gender, and SES issues


Dr. Burkholder has an extensive background in individual and public health research. He has worked as a biostatistician at Brown University and at the Institute for Community Research in Hartford on several grants in areas of community health and education including nutrition education and change, sex and substance risk, obesity, and physical activity. He has published research in a number of journals in these areas as well as in statistical methods. Dr. Burkholder presents frequently at conferences and is active in the American Psychological Association. He serves as one of the Statistics Section councilors in the American Public Health Association. Since joining Walden in 2001, Dr. Burkholder has served as contributing and core faculty as well as in several senior leadership positions. He mentors doctoral student research in psychology and in the health sciences.