Walden University has consulted with national experts in special education to develop a curriculum that synthesizes the most current research in the arenas of neuroscience, assessment, and scientifically based interventions so that you can determine best practices for student learning. Many experts featured in course videos were former special education teachers and share their unique insights in working with children with special needs.

Cinda Johnson, EdD

Dr. Johnson is a professor in the Master in Teaching and Special Education programs at Seattle University. She is the principal investigator and director for the Center for Change in Transition Services (CCTS), a statewide grant funded by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. In her work at CCTS, Dr. Johnson provides training and technical assistance in secondary special education. She is a former special education teacher.

Margaret McLaughlin, PhD

Dr. McLaughlin has been involved in special education throughout her professional career, beginning as a teacher of students with serious emotional and behavioral disorders. She has held positions at the U.S. Office of Education and the University of Washington. Currently, she is the associate director of the Institute for the Study of Exceptional Children at the College of Education, University of Maryland. Dr. McLaughlin also directs several national projects investigating educational reform regarding students with disabilities, including the Educational Policy Reform Research Institute.

James Patton, EdD

Dr. Patton is an adjunct associate professor in the department of special education at the University of Texas at Austin. He formerly was a special education teacher, having taught students with special needs at the elementary, secondary, and postsecondary levels. Dr. Patton's current areas of professional interest are the assessment of the transition strengths and needs of students, the infusion of real-life, functional content into existing curricula, study skills instruction, instructional practices in science and social studies for students with special needs, and preventive classroom management.

Nancy Stanford-Blair

Dr. Stanford-Blair is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and the Leadership Center at Cardinal Stritch University. She also serves as a leadership, learning, and development consultant to education, corporate, and service organizations. Dr. Stanford-Blair is co-author of Mindful Leadership: A Brain-Based Framework and Leading Coherently: Reflections from Leaders Around the World.