Walden University’s Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). This accreditation covers initial teacher preparation programs and advanced educator preparation programs. However, the accreditation does not include individual education courses offered to preK–12 educators for professional development, relicensure, or other purposes.

What Is NCATE?

NCATE is the teaching profession’s mechanism to help establish high-quality teacher, specialist, and administrator preparation. Through the process of professional accreditation of schools, colleges, and departments of education, NCATE works to make a difference in the quality of teaching, teachers, school specialists, and administrators. The organization is composed of more than 30 professional and policymaker organizations representing millions of Americans committed to quality teaching.

What Does NCATE Accreditation Mean to Educators?

NCATE is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation as an accrediting body for schools, colleges, and departments of education. NCATE accreditation is a nationally recognized standard of excellence in the education profession and indicates that a university has met the following rigorous standards set by the profession and members of the public:

NCATE accreditation affirms the quality of Walden’s preK–12 education programs, graduates, faculty, and staff and our commitment to improving educator effectiveness.

Learn More About NCATE Accreditation

NCATE’s rigorous performance-based accreditation process provides useful information about Walden’s philosophy and the quality of our programs, faculty, and graduates.

Conceptual Framework

As part of the NCATE accreditation process, Walden developed a conceptual framework that outlines our philosophy and shared vision for preparing educators to work in preK–12 schools.
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Assessment and Accountability

To enhance the quality of our programs, Walden developed an assessment system designed to ensure that all students graduating from the Riley College of Education and Leadership demonstrate the knowledge and skills to be successful.
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Walden NCATE Accreditation News and Information

Get news and information regarding our NCATE accreditation.
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