A minor in Communication can provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills in speaking, writing, interpersonal communication, team communication, and media and technology. Skills such as these are integral to building and maintaining relationships, working more effectively with others, and communicating ideas clearly and effectively. Note: This minor is open to all bachelor’s degree students except those enrolled in the BS in Communication and BS in Business Communicaton programs.

Completion Requirements

Choose six of the following courses:

  • COMM 1003 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • COMM 2001 Dynamics of Group Communication
  • COMM 2002 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • COMM 2003 Writing for the Digital Age
  • MEDC 3001 Communicating Through Media and Technology
  • COMM 3001 Applied Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 3002 Negotiation and Persuasion

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