EdD, University of Southern California; MSW, Wayne State University

Research Interests

Post-traumatic stress disorder (veterans), child welfare, homeless children and education, spirituality in counseling


Dr. Coach has practiced in the social work profession for more than 25 years. She has held positions in the foster care, adoptions, community mental health, and clinical social work settings. She began teaching in higher education in 1998 at San José State University. Dr. Coach is now a part-time faculty member teaching human services programs at Walden University. Dr. Coach has taught and mentored PhD students in the human services program, specializing in clinical social work and family intervention strategies. She taught at PhD residencies, and serves on dissertation committees and the school Curriculum and Academic Policy (CAP) committee. She has presented at professional conferences, published articles, written a textbook chapter, and authored the book America’s Quiet Unknown Heroes.