Through a clearly defined learning process, the BS in Interdisciplinary Studies program will help prepare you to integrate knowledge from different perspectives and develop strong analytical and communication capabilities.

Discover how to solve problems and make decisions in creative, innovative, and productive ways—and gain the knowledge and expertise you need to change your world and the world of those around you.

When you earn your BS in Interdisciplinary Studies online from Walden, you can benefit from:


  • Enroll in one of the most innovative BS in Interdisciplinary Studies programs online.
  • Position yourself for greater professional opportunities, earning potential, and impact on your organization and community.
  • Continue your education by pursuing a related master’s or doctoral degree in an area of academic emphasis.

Unique Program Structure

  • Take courses that build upon one another to add breadth and depth to your learning.
  • Focus on your interests and deepen your knowledge in two areas of academic emphasis in addition to completing core interdisciplinary courses.
  • Select from a variety of highly relevant field experiences, including an internship, a public service or study abroad opportunity, or a seminar in interdisciplinary research.
  • Use your prior college experience to customize your focus on a particular area with a Self-Design option.

Social Change Impact

  • Deepen your understanding of social responsibility with a curriculum aligned with Walden’s mission of positive social change.

Heighten Your Aspirations and Readiness

  • Listen to a founding expert in the field define interdisciplinary studies, explain its relevance as an emerging field of study, and discuss why employers value graduates with an interdisciplinary background.


This program features many exciting learning opportunities beyond the classroom:

  • Study Abroad: Explore firsthand how culture, politics, and history shape perspectives in foreign countries.
  • Service Learning: Work in your community to identify how your scholarship can help others in need.
  • Internship: Gain real-world skills through a supervised internship in a setting of your choice.
  • Interdisciplinary Research: Identify an issue to investigate and utilize your research skills through interaction with peers.
  • Capstone: Explore a real problem through your research and pose solutions based on collaboration, critique, and critical thinking.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be prepared to:

  • Comprehend and translate terminology across multiple program areas and perspectives.
  • Use symbols, metaphors, and models to communicate their understanding of complex issues.
  • Demonstrate systemic interdisciplinary reasoning.
  • Demonstrate inclusive thinking and techniques of integration to move toward interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving and decision making.
  • Conduct, analyze, and apply interdisciplinary research.
  • Understand the importance of solving problems alongside individuals with multiple perspectives.
  • Evaluate the relevance of contextual factors to understand an issue.

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Beyond The Classroom

When you pursue your bachelor’s degree at Walden, you can translate your coursework into practice by participating in an optional field experience, service learning project, or study abroad program.

Accelerate into Master's (AIM) Program

The AIM program allows you to complete graduate courses as part of your bachelor’s program that you can then apply toward the completion of your master’s program.

Undergraduate Pathways

Undergraduate Pathways offers options for increasing your course load to reduce your degree completion time.


Christopher Terrell Taylor

Christopher Terrell Taylor

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate
Walden’s social change mission has always been an important factor for me.
Walden University is a powerful social change agent in the lives of its students as well as the global community.
I hope that with the degree I’ve obtained from Walden I can help individuals, organizations, and policymakers develop policies and plans to benefit children and youth.
Tomica Buford MS in Mental Health Counseling Graduate
Tomica Buford
Sha-Rhonda M. Davis PhD in Human Services Student
ShaRhonda M. Davis
Mildred Peyton PhD in Human Services Graduate
Mildred Peyton
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