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Robin Guisti

Contributing Faculty

College of Nursing

Degree Program Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Robin L. Guisti received her EdD in Educational Leadership at the University of Hartford in May 2011. Her nursing career spans more than 35 years and includes roles of bedside nurse, clinical educator, nurse consultant, assistant professor of nursing, clinical manager, and nurse administrator. Currently, Dr. Guisti is a Start Ups Specialist for Seasons Healthcare Management and has practiced in this role since May 2019. In April 2017, she began as contributing faculty in the College of Health Sciences at Walden University. She has taught clinical nurses in a variety of settings: acute care, sub-acute care, long-term care, and academia (on-ground and on-line). Dr. Guisti conducted action research that focused on the instructional strategies used to promote caring in a nurse’s practice; a pilot study that examined the impact of patient rounding in an Emergency Department; and a study that examined the effect of nurses’ knowledge of heart failure on the CHF re-admission rate in an acute care setting. In addition, Dr. Guisti has presentations related to inter-professional simulation learning, patient advocacy, and her personal teaching philosophy.

Courses Taught

6001 65 - Foundations for Grdauate Study

6001 24 - Foundations for Graduate Study

6002 12 - Foundations for Graduate Study

6003 30 - Foundations for Graduate Study

6052 32 - Essentials of Evience-Based Practice

6052 21 - Essentials of Evience-Based Practice

6052 8 - Essentials of Evience-Based Practice


EdD, University of Hartford - West Hartford, CT United States

MSN, University of Hartford - West Hartford, CT United States

ANCC Board Certification, ANCC