Pettis Perry

Core Faculty
College of Management and Technology
School of Management
M.S. Leadership

Dr. Pettis has been a Walden University Core Faculty member in the MS-Leadership (MS-L) program since May 2009 where he has taught all but two of the MS-L degree program’s course offerings. He also taught the MBA Dynamic Leadership course. During his tenure he served as a MS-L Program Coordinator, member of the CMT Petitions Committee, HLC Self Study and Special Emphasis Committees, College Scholarship Committee, Center for Social Change Advisory Board, and the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. He also served as the Lead Ambassador for the 5-month Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador Pilot Training program and team leader for the MBA program for initiating social change and diversity and inclusion practices through instructional design. He produced university exemplars such as his automated My Course Survival Guide that is posted in his classrooms providing tips for writing improvements and preventing academic integrity issues through student work products; producing multiple program evaluations enabling a spider graph to be produced and presented at a NFM as a HLC exemplar; writing the 2014 MS-L Academic Program Review (APR); and bringing the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group Position paper to one voice. Since 2010 he has championed the creation of a leader development program for indigenous populations and the creation of an academic program orientation for all of Walden University.


EdD, University of San Francisco