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Maryanne Longo

Senior Faculty

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences

Degree Program Doctor of Education (EdD)

Maryanne Hunter Longo, Ed.D is an Early Childhood Lead Faculty and Senior Contributing Faculty member at Walden University. Dr. Longo retired from the School District of Philadelphia after 35 years of instructional and administrative responsibilities with the majority of her practice with Early Childhood Programs in an inner-city school with a diverse population. Dr. Longo has been published in several educational anthologies and has presented on a number of topics related to early childhood education. She joined Walden University in 2005, and has served as an active member of Walden University's Advisory Council. Recently, Dr. Longo has been nominated to serve on the CAEP Council for University Accreditation. She presently shares her authentic ECE experiences with ECE faculty, instructs ECE courses in the EdD/PhD/EdS programs and works with students pursuing doctoral degrees and specialists degrees in Early Childhood Education.

Courses Taught

Early Childhood Development

Language and Literacy in ECE

Learning Experiences in ECE

Assessment Practices in ECE

Multicultural Literature

Teaching Math through Literacy Activities


BS, Temple University - Philadelphia, PA United States

MEd, Temple University - Philadelphia, PA United States

EdD, Temple University - Philadelphia, PA United States

Awards / Honors

Declaration of Achievement, First Senatorial District Declaration of Achievement, 2004

Excellence in Teaching, 2003

Excellence in Teaching, School District of Philadelphia, 2003

Lindenbaum Teacher of the Year, School District of Philadelphia, 1989

Commendation for Years of Service to Children, 2004

Outstanding Kindergarten Teacher, Women In Education, 1995

Outstanding Service to Children, City of Philadelphia, PA, 1996


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Longo, M. H. (2017). Dark Denials and Despicable Damage; Domestic Violence and Sexual Assualt in America.

Ross, A. D., Esmail, A. M., Longo, M. H. (2014). The Importance of Play in Creating Social Awarness to Support a Bully-Free Environment.


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