Marti Kessack

Contributing Faculty
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
Ph.D. Public Policy and Administration

Dr. Kessack has been a practicing nurse since 1986 with an extensive history in both clinical nursing and as a nurse faculty in the pre-licensure, bachelor’s, master’s and terminal degree programs. Marti has been devoting most of her recent career instructing both on-ground and online for the past 15 years. Within the past 5 years, Dr. Kessack has assisted in starting an Orthopaedic Physician Assistant program at a local university Additionally, Dr. Kessack has also been integral in writing and a contributing member of the team to start three nursing programs in several universities across the U.S. – both on-ground and online. Relevant experience Dr. Kessack has acquired includes the areas of : Community/Public Health, Nursing and Healthcare Informatics, Nursing and Healthcare Research, Innovations in Nursing and in Healthcare, Theories in Nursing, Legal/Ethical Issues in Nursing and Healthcare, and Capstone Seminars. Further experience includes being an active member of dissertation committees for PhD candidates and for DNP projects and an active member of the Editorial Board of an International Nursing and Healthcare Journal. Clinical experience in nursing: the foundation of Dr. Kessack’s career has been as a registered nurse supervisor in the trauma/critical care areas, specifically, the Emergency Department, home health (Visiting Nursing), drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and oncology. Clinical Experience in Healthcare: Dr. Kessack was past COO and past CEO for five Federally Qualified Healthcare Clinics in Central Florida. In this capacity, Dr. Kessack was integral in successfully leading the clinics through current healthcare trends and regulations. Current career endeavors: Dr. Kessack is an active and valued instructor delivering lectures, and course instruction remotely from home in several universities in the nursing, healthcare administration, and public policy and administration. Academic experience: Attained the terminal degree of PhD in Nursing Education. Additionally, Dr. Kessack has earned two Post-Graduate Certificates in the areas of Public Policy Administration, and Administration and Health Care Management (HCM).