Laima Warnecke

Contributing Faculty
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
Master of Public Administration (MPA)

In 2001 Dr. Warnecke moved from New York to Florida. Worked for Florida State Department of Health as Regional Preparedness Director. Responded to numerous hurricanes as Special needs shelters coordinator/liaison. Since 2005 - present Dr.Warnecke serve as consultant at FEMA/CDP (Center for Domestic Preparedness). Teaches courses:
Healthcare Leadership response to disasters
Highly infectious diseases
Pandemic influenza

Since 2011 – present Dr. Warnecke is serving at Walden University as contributing faculty member where teaching different courses:
Terrorism: Legislation and Policies
Homeland Security Policies
Emergency Preparedness, Planning, and Leadership
Terrorism: Public Health Emergency Response
Risk assessment, preparedness, and mitigation
Emergency management response and recovery
Dissertation Committee Chair
Dissertation Committee Member

2018 Dr.Warnecke was selected as a SBRN team member sponsored by Department of State to assess chemical and biological/public health damages done by ISIS in Iraq (total 12 weeks).


MD, Vilnius State University

MPA, Walden University

MPA, Walden University