Claudia Lopez

Contributing Faculty
College of Nursing
B.S. Nursing (BSN)

My name is Claudia M. Lopez. Residence is: Miami, FL. As a professor, I have been in nursing for 10 years. I have been teaching for 7 years. My clinical expertise include Medical Surgical areas, Cardiology, Respiratory, Obstetrics and gynecology. I have done clinical rotations, class, simulation lab and online teaching as well. At this time, I practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner in an OB/GYN Office at Homestead, FL.
Graduated with my BSN from NSU. Then, graduated after with my MSN in Nursing Education and did my Post Master’s Certificate in Family Care with South University. In February 2019 I graduated with my DNP from Chamberlain University. As a DNP, I can share how the nursing journey has been nothing but wonderful, and as a profession, I can say I love teaching and have a passion for educating others to become practitioners and nurses of our future. Now, I get to share my nursing success story with all of you.
Age: 34 years old, have been married for 9 years and my husband is a Med.Surg nurse and a reservist at the Homestead Military Air Force Base. We have a beautiful 6 year old by the name of Sophia and I am very happy with all the great accomplishments me and my husband have obtained. At this time, I would like to welcome you to this class and hope to have a great semester with you.
Dr. Claudia Lopez DNP, FNP-BC.

Awards / Honors

Faculty Excellence Award, University of Southermost University, 2015


Lopez, C. M. (2019). Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Prevention. Chamberlain University