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Tina Dawson

Contributing Faculty

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences

Degree Program Doctor of Education (EdD)

In 2000, the Dawsons left southwestern Virginia, where Mike and Tina lived for 26 years. Tina taught in and directed PK–12 programs, mostly independent alternative community schools, for over 20 years. In the past 20+ years, she has been both faculty member and administrator for brick and mortar and online universities. Dr. Dawson has participated in varied educational collaborations between the public and private sectors. Since joining Walden in 2005, she has taught research methodology, written several courses, and served on many doctoral committees as chair, committee member, and URR. Tina enjoys helping students think through the inquiry process.

Courses Taught

RSCH - Advanced Mixed Methods

RSCH - Advanced QUAL


RSCH 8110 - Research Theory

various early childhood doctoral courses written and/or taught

various leadership courses written and/or taught


BS, Virginia Tech

MS, VA Tech


Public Service

Newport Historical Committee

Appalachian Trail Conference Volunteer

Pacific Crest Trail Association

Pacific Northwest Trail

Awards / Honors

Extraordinary Faculty, Walden, 2008

Distinguished Contributions to Teaching & Learning, Antioch University Seattle, 2007

Innovative Teacher, VA TECH PDK, 1998


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