Billie Andersson

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Doctor of Education (EdD)

Dr. Andersson first began working with Walden in 2009 after working in public and private schools as a teacher, counselor, learning specialist, and curriculum director. Because of her interest in reading and working with teachers, she taught courses for over 25 years in Curriculum and Instruction and Reading at the University of New Orleans and counseling courses at other New Orleans universities. Her focus in now on serving as Chair and Committee member for students of Walden University and teaching EDD classes. After many years of serving as a Learning Specialist and Director of Teaching and Learning, she has now focused her attention in the last 8 years as the Academic Administrator and Head of School of a Montessori preschool and elementary school. In this position she works with students, parents, and administrators to best meet the student needs and develop appropriate curricula. She also has a private practice as an Educational Diagnostician and Counselor.

Courses Taught

EDDD 8052 - Curriculum Design to Promote Social Change

EDDD 8061 - Assessment ande Data Analysis to Support Effective Literacy Programs

EDDD 8102 - Promoting Success of Diverse Learners

EDDD 8900 - Completing the Prospectus

EDDD 8990 - Completingt the Doctoral Capstone

EDDD 8081 - Completing the Prospectus

EDDD 8090 - Doctoral Study Intensive


PhD, University of New Orleans

MEd, University of New Orleans

MEd, University of New Orleans

BA, Newcomb College

Public Service

Board of Directors of the Cathedral Montessori School, President - New Orleans

Awards / Honors

Kappa Delta Pi, , 1968

Leading Educators of the World, , 2005

Phi Delta Kappa, University of New Orleans, 1972

Phi Kappa Phi, , 1971


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