Gain the skills to help students and schools succeed with strategies based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) process standards for mathematics.

In this five-course graduate certificate, you can sharpen your own understanding of mathematics as you learn standards-based approaches to teaching mathematics in grades K–6. Using CCSS and NCTM as a framework, you will learn to assess students’ mathematical knowledge and skills, plan interventions, and engage students. The CCSS will also be used to connect critical concepts across grade levels and mathematical topics.

Topics include:

  • Base ten number systems and its operations, rational numbers, proportional reasoning, geometric thinking, measurement concepts, and proportional relationships.
  • Methods of multi-digit calculations, including standard algorithms, mental mathematics, and nonstandard procedures commonly created by students.
  • Measurement, data, and geometric thinking.

Graduate certificate programs are non-degree programs in which certificates are issued upon completion of a series of courses in a specific area. Walden’s graduate certificate programs should not be confused with teacher certification programs and/or endorsements. Individuals seeking to meet teacher certification requirements must speak with an enrollment advisor.

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