How can the story of one gold coin inspire a life that changes the world? Listen to Sharon Freeman's story and she'll tell you:

Sharon Freeman, who earned her Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences (now PhD in Management) from Walden University, is an entrepreneur, author and global change agent who works to promote growth and export development for small, minority and women-owned enterprises throughout the world. Through her international development work, she helps women who strive for a voice in society, businesses that struggle to compete globally, and immigrants who seek to succeed economically.

But Dr. Freeman's vast professional experience wasn't enough. To make an even greater difference, she needed the prestige and credibility that comes with a doctoral degree. She chose Walden University.

"It's accredited," Dr. Freeman said. "And its mission to prepare social change agents spoke to me in a very personal way."

Freeman has applied her Ph.D. research on the economics of immigrants to her recent work with the World Bank on Diaspora strategies in the underdeveloped countries of Africa. Overall, she has worked in more than 100 countries to promote growth and export development for small-, minority-, and women-owned enterprises.

You can a greater influence on the lives of others. And you can start today at Walden University.

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