Walden administrators and members of our Board of Directors are responsible for upholding our university mission and our dedication to supporting adult learners.

University Administration

Office of the President

  • Jonathan A. Kaplan, Interim President
  • Dr. Bonnie Copeland, Vice President, Education Policy and Regulation
  • Raymond Toledo, Executive Director, Academic Advising and Retention
  • Teresa Drzewiecki, Director, Financial Aid 
  • Linda Anthony, Bursar

Office of the Chief Academic Officer

  • Dr. Eric Riedel, Chief Academic Officer     
  • Kim Breitbach, Director, Admissions
  • Dr. Mary Raeker-Rebek, Executive Director, Field Experience & Student Affairs
  • Gina Dyson, Director, Student Affairs
  • Nicole Lovald, Director, Military Services
  • Robert Brandt, Ombudsperson
  • Devon Edmund, Registrar 

Center for Faculty Excellence

  • Dr. Kimberlee Bonura, Executive Director
  • Dr. Iris Yob, Director, Special Projects
  • Dr. Laurie Bedford, Faculty Specialist, The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership & Academic Residencies
  • Dr. Lyda Downs, Faculty Specialist, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences & College of Management and Technology
  • Melissa McDowell, Faculty Specialist, College of Undergraduate Studies & College of Health Sciences

Center for Research Quality

  • Dr. Laura Lynn, Executive Director
  • Dr. Gary Burkholder, Senior Research Scholar
  • Dr. Louis Milanesi, Director, Research Quality Management
  • Dr. Molly Lauck, Director, Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Dr. Leilani Endicott, Director, Research Ethics and Compliance
  • Dr. Daniel Salter, Director, Strategic Research Initiatives

Center for Student Success

  • Susanna L. Davidsen, A.M.L.S., Executive Director
  • Brian Timmerman, Director, Writing and Academic Skills Centers
  • Lisa Cook, Senior Director for Career Services and Staff Development
  • Jennie Ver Steeg, Director, Library Services
  • Carolyn Roney, Senior Director, Disability Services

Academic Residencies

  • Dr. Maléka Ingram, Director
  • Dr. Rochelle Gilbert, Associate Director
  • Dr. Juli Hastings, Associate Director

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

  • Jim Lenio, Executive Director
  • Dr. Crissie Grove, Director, Academic Quality
  • Dr. Shari Jorissen, Director, Assessment
  • Nicole Holland, Associate Director

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

College of Health Sciences

  • Dr. Melanie Storms, Vice President
  • Dr. Sandra Bever, Assessment Coordinator

School of Health Sciences

School of Nursing

  • Dr. Andrea Lindell, Associate Dean
  • Dr. Karen Ouzts, Program Director, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Completion Program
  • Dr. Vincent Hall, Program Director, Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
  • Dr. Nancy Moss, Program Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Dr. Linda Steele, Program Director, Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Nurse Practitioner Specializations
  • Dr. Valarie Waldmeier, Family Nurse Practitioner Coordinator
  • Dr. Jeanne Morrison, Leadership and Management Coordinator
  • Dr. Patti Urso, Nursing Education Coordinator
  • Dr. Tracy Scott, Nursing Informatics Coordinator
  • Dr. Bobbie Sue Whitworth, Nursing Graduate Core Coordinator 
  • List of Faculty 

College of Management and Technology

School of Information Systems and Technology

School of Management

  • Dr. Henry M. Brashen, Program Director, M.S. in Human Resource Management and M.S. in Leadership
  • Dr. Roberto Castaneda, Program Director, M.S. in Accounting, M.S. in Accounting Management, and B.S. in Accounting
  • Dr. Rebecca Sidler Krysiak, Program Director, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and M.S. in Management
  • Dr. John McDonald, Program Director, Executive M.B.A., M.S. in Marketing 
  • Dr. John Nirenberg, Program Director, Ph.D. in Management
  • Dr. Kathleen Simmons, Program Director, M.S. in Project Management
  • Dr. Freda Turner, Program Director, Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)
  • Dr. Karen Allyson Wattley Gee, Program Director, M.S. in Communication and B.S. in Communication
  • Dr. John Stachel, Program Director, B.S in Business Administration
  • List of Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Dr. Melanie Storms, Vice President

School of Counseling

  • Dr. Savitri Dixon-Saxon, Associate Dean  
  • Dr. Kelly Coker, Program Director, Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision and M.S. in School Counseling
  • Dr. Colleen Logan, Program Director, M.S. in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling and M.S. in Addiction Counseling
  • Dr. Tracy Senstock, Program Director, M.S. in Mental Health Counseling
  • List of Faculty

School of Psychology

  • Dr. Marilyn Powell, Associate Dean
  • Dr. Lori LaCivita, Program Director, M.S. and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology
  • Dr. Tracy Marsh, Program Director, Ph.D. in Psychology, Counseling Psychology Specialization
  • Dr. Patricia Costello, Program Director, Undergraduate Psychology Programs
  • Dr. Anthony Perry, Program Director, Ph.D. in Psychology, Education, General, Health, and Social Specializations
  • Dr. Sreeroopa Sarkar, Program Director, M.S. in Psychology
  • Dr. Raymond Trybus, Program Director, M.S. in Clinical Psychology and Ph.D. in Psychology, Clinical Psychology Specialization
  • Dr. Kristen Beyer, Program Director M.S. and Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology
  • List of Faculty 

School of Public Policy and Administration

  • Dr. Jorg Westermann, Associate Dean
  • Dr. Ronald Craig, Program Director, Criminal Justice Master’s Programs
  • Dr. George Larkin, Program Director, Doctoral Programs
  • Dr. Linda Kiltz, Program Director, Master of Public Administration, Master of Public Policy, and M.S. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • Dr. Lianne Williamson, Interim Program Director, Undergraduate Programs
  • Dr. Dana-Marie Thomas, Program Coordinator
  • List of Faculty

School of Social Work and Human Services

College of Undergraduate Studies

  • Dr. L. Ward Ulmer, Interim Vice President
  • Dr. Jimmy L. Middlebrook, Associate Dean
  • Dr. Jon Paulson, Program Director, General Education
  • Dr. Lianne Williamson, Program Director, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Keri VanOverschelde, Associate Director
  • Dr. M. Laurel Walsh, General Education Coordinator
  • List of Faculty

Board of Directors

  • Paula Singer, Board Chair
    President and CEO of Global Products and Services, Laureate Education, Inc.
  • Sean R. Creamer
    President and CEO Arbitron, Inc.
  • Donna M. Dorsey
    Principal, Dorsey & Associates Consulting
  • Dr. William G. Durden
  • Dr. Charles O. Heller
    President, Annapolis Capital Group
  • Jonathan Kaplan
    CEO, Laureate Online Education
  • John E. Kobara
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, California Community Foundation  
  • Dr. Anita McDonald
    Penn State DuBois Chancellor Emerita
  • Lee McGee
    CFO/Treasurer, Restructure Holdings, Inc.
  • Dr. Estanislado Y. Paz
    Founding President, Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents
  • Dr. Barbara Solomon
    Professor and Vice Provost Emerita, University of Southern California