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Woman interested in Walden's online education degree programWhether in the classroom or administration, you work hard each day to shape bright and successful futures for your students. With our online education programs, you can ensure that your future is just as bright. We offer a wide variety of online education degree programs that can help you take your career further while effecting positive change in the education field.

Explore our online education degree programs below:


Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) 

Ph.D. in Education 

Education Specialist

Ed.S. in Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning 

Ed.S. in Adult Education

Ed.S. in Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability

Ed.S. in College Teaching and Learning 

Ed.S. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development

Ed.S. in Early Childhood

Ed.S. in Educational Leadership and Administration (Principal Preparation)

Ed.S. in Educational Technology

Ed.S. in Reading and Literacy Leadership (Non-Licensure)

Ed.S. in Special Education (Non-Licensure) 

Ed.S. in Teacher Leadership


Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

M.S. in Adult Learning

M.S. in Early Childhood Studies

M.S. in Education

M.S. in Education (Accelerated)

M.S. in Higher Education

M.S. in Instructional Design and Technology 

M.S. in School Counseling 


B.S. in Child Development

B.S. in Instructional Design and Technology


Reading K-12


Post-Master’s Certificate in Adult Education 

Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning 

Post-Doctoral Certificate in Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability 

Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning 

Post-Master’s Certificate in College Teaching and Learning 

Graduate Certificate in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Graduate Certificate in Developmental Education

Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Administration, Management, and Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Advocacy and Public Policy

Graduate Certificate in Elementary Reading and Literacy

Graduate Certificate in Engaging Culturally Diverse Learners

Graduate Certificate in Enrollment Management and Institutional Marketing

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Leadership for Student Success

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology 

Graduate Certificate in Integrating Technology in the Classroom (Grades K-12)

Graduate Certificate in Mathematics K-6

Graduate Certificate in Mathematics 5-8

Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching for Adult Educators

Graduate Certificate in Science K–8

Graduate Certificate in Special Education

Graduate Certificate in Teacher Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Teaching Adults English as a Second Language

Graduate Certificate in Teaching Adults in the Early Childhood Field

Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Diversity in Early Childhood Education

Graduate Certificate in Teaching English Language Learners (Grades K-12)

Graduate Certificate in Teaching K–12 Students Online 

Post-Master’s Online Teaching in Psychology Certificate

Why Consider Our Online Education Degree Programs?

  • The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden is the college of choice for more than 55,000 students and alumni, including more than 80 state teachers of the year. From certificates to endorsements, our online education degree programs give you the opportunity to learn from recognized education experts, policymakers, and scholar-practitioners who are making a profound impact on the national and international education landscapes.
  • At Walden, you’ll find online education degrees to meet a variety of career goals, whether you're looking to pursue administrative or leadership roles, instruct adult learners in vocational or higher education settings, or teach children in grades preK–12. Our degree offerings let you choose from a variety of specialized study areas, from early childhood studies and literacy to college teaching and learning.
  • Our online education programs provide you with practical, research-based strategies for improving student achievement combined with enriching opportunities for professional development and hands-on experience. Designed to address the 21st-century challenges facing education today, our online education degrees prepare you to solve real-world issues within your school or community.

The Value of Accreditation

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University, a National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)–accredited institution, is dedicated to enhancing educator effectiveness. As a recognized standard of excellence in professional education for the preparation of teachers, administrators, and other preK–12 school professionals, NCATE accreditation ensures the institution has met rigorous national standards set by the profession and members of the public.


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