Athletes, film stars, mothers, teenagers—addiction has many faces and can affect anyone, regardless of occupation, income level, race, or gender.

In fact, one in four Americans will have an alcohol or drug problem at some point in their lives.*

With Walden’s MS in Addiction Counseling program, you can gain the skills you need to offer guidance and treatment to people who struggle with addictive behaviors. The program focuses on ways to address substance abuse as well as addictive behavior exhibited through activities such as binge eating, pathological gambling, and hoarding. Through this online addiction counseling degree program, you can also learn how to work with dual-diagnosis clients who have both an addiction and a mental disorder.

Through Walden’s program, you can prepare to become a counselor with a specialization in addiction counseling and to qualify to sit for the Examination for Master Addictions Counselors (EMAC).Earning your master’s degree in addiction counseling can prepare you for a career in a variety of settings, including community mental health centers, hospitals, employee assistance programs, the juvenile justice system, drug courts, and private practice. Residencies and field experience opportunities help you gain hands-on practice in the field.

*The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, 2007, on the Internet at (viewed April 5, 2012).

Students who are pursuing licensure as a State Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or a state substance abuse counseling certification should verify individual state laws to determine if this program meets eligibility requirements for licensure and/or certification in the state in which they intend to practice. Designation as a Master Addictions Counselor requires the successful completion of the Examination for Master Addictions Counselors (EMAC), in addition to other requirements.

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