The PhD in Education is a premier doctoral experience for preparing professionals to become leading education researchers, scholars, and practitioners in a variety of settings.

Grounded in theory and research, our online PhD in Education program empowers you to bring about positive social change in the world by addressing pressing educational challenges. Earning your doctorate in education can prepare you to become an independent scholar, innovator, and leader of practitioners in your field. This intensive program moves you from a practitioner to a leader, enabling you to pursue broader opportunities that call for strong, research-based decision-making.

Why earn your PhD in Education from Walden?

  • Engage in dissertation research that allows you to contribute new knowledge to your field with respect to a pressing issue, problem, or need. Select your own dissertation topic and research something that you are passionate about.
  • Participate in four academic residencies, two of which may be taken virtually. At the residencies, you have opportunities to discuss your research interests and the research process with faculty and fellow students. You can also expand your professional network to include educators, researchers, and change agents.
  • Choose from two different program formats to match your unique learning style.
  • Choose from 13 different PhD in Education specializations, allowing you to accommodate your professional interests and meet the needs of your organization:

Course-Based Format

Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability

Educational Technology

Leadership, Policy, and Change in Education

Learning, Instruction, and Innovation

Mixed-Model Format

Adult Education Leadership

Community College Leadership

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Early Childhood Education

General Program

Global and Comparative Education

Higher Education


Special Education

Are you unsure about the differences between a PhD, EdD, and EdS degree program? View our program comparison or speak to an enrollment advisor to see which one is right for you.

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Hear why educators like you are passionate about our doctorate in education program:

What Students Are Saying About Our Online PhD in Education Program

“Career advancement would not have been possible without earning my degree at Walden University. Acquiring the tools I need to be successful while conducting scholarly work has allowed me to see my career in education from a more global viewpoint and approach problems with new and different solutions.”
Reagan Ferragamo Romali, PhD in Education Graduate

“I experienced a sense of passion for improving people’s lives through my coursework and by networking with other students at Walden.”
Malinda Daniel, PhD in Education Graduate

“I chose the Walden PhD program because I liked the social change aspect of Walden University. There are other big universities that are close to where I live, but they’re ivory towers. The people that come out of there stay in universities or they stay disconnected from the people who are in need of help.”
Shane Fairbairn, PhD in Education Graduate

“I would not be an agent of global change without the education I received at Walden University.”
Brucetta McClue Tate, PhD in Education Graduate

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  • Grants and tuition reductions available.

  • Scholar of Change

    Dorsey Kendrick

    Learn how Dorsey Kendrick, PhD in Education, makes an impact as president of an urban college.

  • Dollar signReceive a $5,000 grant when you
    start the PhD in Education
    on November 30.

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