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July 2014

Dr. Shamir Andrew Ally ’94, a Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences (now Ph.D. in Management) graduate, recently made an eighth book donation, along with wife Dr. Maryann Renee Beebe Ally, to the University of Guyana’s library. The donation includes titles that cover a range of subjects including management, accounting, leadership, and health. The Allys have donated almost $100,000 worth of books to the library since 2006. Dr. Ally is president and CEO of International Consulting & Financial Services, which is based in North Carolina. He is originally from Guyana.

June 2014

Robin L. Jarvis '12, an M.S. in Leadership graduate, co-authored Staff Educator's Guide to Clinical Orientation: Onboarding Solutions for Nurses (Sigma Theta Tau International, 2014) to help readers create and sustain a high-quality orientation program that meets the needs of the nurses, organization, and patients. Jarvis is principal of R. L. Jarvis & Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in leadership development, instructional design, meeting facilitation, and change management.

Uchechuku Austin Onyejiaka '11, an M.S. in Systems Engineering graduate, was profiled in the Miami Herald on April 20 for his work as the owner and operator of First Class Poly in Nigeria, which produces plastic bags and packaging supplies. He operates the factory from his home in Florida.

May 2014

Laura C. Bulluck ’10, an M.S. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership graduate and the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Hope’s Crossing based in Phoenix, was honored as an Extraordinary Woman of Color by “Sonoran Living Live,” an ABC15 TV show, in February. The nonprofit was recognized by 12 News as the March recipient of the 12 Who Care Award.

Eric Lynn Sanders ’08, a B.S. in Business Administration graduate and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) student, published The Minds of Men: An American Intelligence Brief (AuthorHouse, 2014).

April 2014

Dr. Wanda Corner ’13’13, a Ph.D. in Management graduate, recently became a part-time faculty member at Northcentral University in Arizona. Based in Atlanta, she is the CEO of Corner of Success Inc., a small management consulting company that offers executive coaching, strategic planning, and business consulting.

Dr. Shamir Andrew Ally ’94, a Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences (now Ph.D. in Management) graduate, recently became a professor at the Graduate School at the Institute of Logistical Management in Loveland, Colo. Dr. Ally is president and CEO of International Consulting & Financial Services.

March 2014

Anthony Price’13, a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) graduate, recently accepted a position as the dispatcher combo in the centralized dispatch department at Waste Management in Marietta, Ga. His duties encompass dispatching drivers, collaborating with staff to optimize routes, and troubleshooting to ensure customer satisfaction. He formerly worked at FedEx as an operations supervisor.

Dr. Cedric L. Knott ’12, a Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences (now Ph.D. in Management) graduate, co-authored “Regulating Systemic Risks—Problems and Prospects” in Mustang Journal of Accounting & Finance (Vol. 4). Dr. Knott is a certified fraud examiner and a professor at several universities.

Dr. Raymond Marbury ’12, a Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) graduate, gave a poster presentation at the Northeast Conference on Public Administration (NECoPA) at the University of Delaware in November. Dr. Marbury is a program analyst and advisor for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which is a division of the Department of Homeland Security, and the CEO of Education Institute of Capitol Hill, LLC, in Washington, D.C.

Karen Ferguson ’09, a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) graduate, recently launched the business Illuminate Communications in Vancouver, Wash. The company provides writing and editing services as well as hiring consultation and worksite wellness to small businesses. She also serves as a program coordinator at Clark College.

Dr. John Latham ’97, a Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences (now Ph.D. in Management) graduate and a faculty member in the School of Management, published “Leadership for Quality and Innovation: Challenges, Theories, and a Framework for Future Research” in the Quality Management Journal (Vol. 21, Issue 1).The paper discusses current issues facing leaders, what researchers and practitioners know about leadership theory and practice, and how to improve leadership in the future. He also recently published “How Much Does Your Organization Weigh?” in Innovation (Vol. 32, Issue 2), a publication by the Industrial Designers Society of America, which also addresses leadership and management.

February 2014

Dr. Calvin Fogle ’11, a Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) graduate and an M.S. in Accounting student, published “Indispensable Ethical Considerations for Ambitious Leaders” in Franklin Business & Law Journal (Vol. 13, Issue 3). He also recently co-authored “The Market Value of Online Degrees as a Credible Credential” in the Global Education Journal (Vol. 2013, No. 3). Dr. Fogle is an associate dean and professor of business administration at the Strayer University campus in Jackson, Miss.

January 2014

Dr. Nicholas Jewczyn ’13, a Ph.D. in Management graduate, is the author of “Tenets of Mergers and Acquisitions Theory: The Wave From 1965 to 1990” in the Mustang Journal of Law and Legal Studies (Vol. 5) and “Modern Portfolio Theory, APT, and the CAPM: The Years 1952 to 1986” in the International Journal of Social Science Research (Vol. 2).

Sheila L. Agnew ’10, a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) graduate, is the author of the recently published book Dear ______, Are You Missing Your Calling? (Mo Better Publishing, 2013). She is an Atlanta-based peer coach for women over age 40.

Gray Davis ’03, a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) graduate, was recently interviewed by the News-Press newspaper in Fort Myers, Fla., about his volunteer work as president of the Uncommon Friends Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting character education for youth and workplace ethics for business people. Davis is an executive at the BB&T–Oswald Trippe and Company insurance agency in Fort Myers.

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