Ward UlmerEducation

PhD, Clemson University; PhD, Walden University; MA, Webster University; BS, Charleston Southern University

Research Interests

Accreditation; computer forensics; operating systems; student learning outcome assessment; technology in the classroom; technology planning and implementation; process improvement; project management; strategic planning 


In his nearly 20-year career, Dr. Ulmer has worked in education and the management field overseeing numerous projects, people, and operations. He served as the chief academic officer for Latimer Education and senior vice provost at Strayer University, where he oversaw academic operations and a cooperative educational relationship with a Fortune 25 company. Prior to that, Dr. Ulmer served in a variety of management roles with Kaplan University, the South Carolina Community College system, New York Life, and American General Corp.

He brings to Walden senior-level experience in for-profit and traditional academia and a unique approach to education that is the result of his experiences as an adult student, a community college administrator, a for-profit university administrator, a liberal arts university faculty member, and a college athlete. Dr. Ulmer has extensive experience in the business and information systems industries and has published various Microsoft certification textbooks. He also has written several articles and made conference presentations on topics such as distance education, assessment, accreditation, technology, faculty, remedial education, and training. He received an American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) fellowship for three consecutive years. During the fellowship, he developed training programs for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines—specifically, the flight crews of the F-18 Hornet fighter aircraft. He also holds many certifications in technology and financial services.

Dr. Ulmer has conducted research involving higher education, including studying faculty members’ perceptions of distance education and online learning as well as studying the effects of remedial education on student performance in freshman-level courses.

Dr. Ulmer joined Walden University in April 2012.