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Yoseph Tsehay

Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Human Potential

Degree Program Doctor of Information Technology (DIT)

Yoseph Tsehay has 18 years of experience as a lead data scientist, data engineer and architect, and software developer in the healthcare, investment and financial industries. Yoseph has advanced professional certifications with Microsoft and Amazon. Among major accomplishments, he has developed effective and efficient business intelligence solutions; designed data mining and big data analytics models; developed predictive analytics models using machine learning algorithms to predict infectious disease outbreaks; developed models for U.S. cities to predict sewer line maintenance needs; and leveraged big data analytics tools to provide relevant information to investment professional to make buyout , due diligence, post closing and exist decisions. Yoseph has taught Computer science, Data Analytics and Data Science graduate and undergraduate courses for 7 years. His research interest includes data science, big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is a Contributing faculty for DIT and MSIT School of Information Systems and Technology, College of Management and Technology.


PhD, Colorado Technical University - Colorado Springs, United States

MA, Eastern University - St Davids, PA United States

MS, Addis Ababa University - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

BS, Addis Ababa University - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Public Service

World Vision USA, Volunteer - Washington DC, DC United States


Tsehay, Y. T. (2019). Social Media Mining Algorithms Big Data Analysts Need to Improve Infectious Disease Predictive Model for Malaria in Ethiopia.