Wanda Gravett

Academic Coordinator
College of Management and Technology
School of Management
M.S. Human Resource Management

Dr. Gravett has spanned decades moving in executive positions ranging from clinical researcher, corporate planner and strategist, HR executive, to corporate CEO, among several key industries and in multiple sectors, including government, non-profit and for-profit. She ultimately settled in the world of higher education as a Dean at several universities, then, 11 years ago (2007), as Associate Dean for the College of Management and Technology, Walden University, Interim VP for the College of Management and Technology, then Executive Director for CFE, and, more recently, as core faculty and curriculum developer, followed by appointment as Academic Program Coordinator for the Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program. Working with some of the world’s experts in the areas of planning, leadership and organizational change, and human behavior, her own strengths and research interests have evolved in combinations of community and human resources, leadership, strategy, and social change – all from a foundation of building sustainable futures through extraordinary people. Dr. Gravett is part of Seattle’s initiative to build sustainable communities, as part of their greater Seattle growth objective.

Courses Taught


MHRM 6645 - Building Organizational Capacity Through Succession Planning

MHRM 6635 - Managing Business Partner Relationships

MHRM 6605 - Strategic Human Resource Management

MHRM 6100 - Foundations of Human Capital Development


PhD, U of Nebraska - Lincoln

Master of Health Administration, U of Minnesota


Gravett, W. S. (2013). Making the most of a performance evaluation to help you succeed at work. Expert Beacon