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Wade Smith

Contributing Faculty

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

School of Higher Education, Leadership, and Policy

Degree Program Ph.D. Education

Dr. Smith has been teaching in some capacity since since 1981 and has been teaching advanced university courses since 1998. Dr. Smith has been researching the area of teacher/student interactions since 1996. In 2002, Dr. Smith was appointed the national expert on NCLB for the BIA. He remained in that position until 2004. In 2004, Dr. Smith promoted and transferred to Washington DC to work in the US Dept. of Education.

Dr. Smith is a retired soldier, and a retired civil servant. Additionally, he is an active preacher of the Gospel and currently teach math and science at Vision Christian Academy.

Courses Taught

RSCH 8250 - Advanced Quanitative Analysis

RSCH 8210 - Quantitative Reasoning

EDUC 8117 - Educational Org and Context

EDUC 9001 - Disssertation

EDUC 8081 - Completing the prosepctus

EDUC 8090 - Doctoral Study Intensive

EDUC 8115 - Assessment & Accountability in Education

RSCH 8200 - Quant Reasoning and Analysis


BSEd, Columbus State University - Columbus, HI United States

MEd, Columbus State Univeristy - Columbus, GA United States

EdD, Texas Tech - Lubbock

Public Service

Dunnellon Christian Fellowship, Preacher of the Gospel - Dunnellon, FL USA, United States


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Smith, W. C. (1996). A Philosophical Inquiry into the Concept of Curriculum and its Effects on Education

Smith, W. C. (1997). A Review of the Research into Teaching Styles/Behaviors' Impact on Students' Cognitive Outcomes and Bloom's Taxonomy

Smith, W. C. (2001). An Analysis of Philosophy of Education Position Papers of on-line and on-ground graduate philosophy of education classes

Smith, W. C., Odhiambo, E., El Khateeb, H. (2000). An Investigation of Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences in a High School Environment in Tennessee

Smith, W. C. (1998). Establishment of the Validity and Reliability of the Professor Interpersonal Teaching Behaviors Inventory, 3rd Edition

Smith, W. C. (1999). Human Events as Interdisciplinary Teaming

Smith, W. C. (1998). Multicultural Education and Monocultural Students: Professional Practices in a Secondary Teacher Certification Program

Smith, W. C., El Khateeb, H., Odhiambo, E., Smith, W. C. (2000). Perceptual Typologies of Successful and Unsuccessful Students in the Context of Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory

Smith, W. C. (2008). Relationships between Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) 3rd grade reading scores and students' demographic and financial variables in selected Florida counties

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Smith, W. C. (1997). Student Perceptions of Professors' Interpersonal Teaching Behaviors: Instrument Design

Smith, W. C. (1997). Student Perceptions of their Biology Teacher's Interpersonal Teaching Behaviors and Student Achievement and Affective Learning Outcomes (Doctoral Dissertation Proposal)

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Smith, W. C., Odhiambo, E., El Khateeb, H. (2001). The typologies of successful and unsuccessful students in academic subjects using the perspectives of students' metacognitive awareness and actions in a high school environment in Tennessee

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