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T Soper

Contributing Faculty

College of Nursing

Degree Program Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Dr Tracey Soper

Hello everyone,

This is your faculty lead in this NUR class this session, Dr. Tracey Soper. Please allow me to share a few facts and stories about me. Like you, I am a nurse with a diverse background and professional roles. I earned my educational doctorate at the University of Phoenix and my DNP at Chamberlain both online. I then became a APRN in family practice from South University of course online. My nursing roles have been at the bedside in open heart critical care, acute care administration, academia teaching roles in DNP and FNP. I have held roles and volunteered in Saudi Arabia to Africa.
Personally, outside of healthcare I have a passion for dogs. There are and always will be dogs in my life. Right now my dog is GinSter , a golden doodle who understands many languages some human and some not. She communicates with battery operated step-on verbal audio record able buttons to tell us her thoughts and feelings. We do our best to make her the center of the world. She has a lot to say.
I am interested here to make this class meet your needs within the Walden guidelines. I am approachable, reachable, and innovative. If you are thinking it, communicate it.
Welcome to the class.
Dr Tracey Soper
preference name Dr T


EdD, University of Phoenix - Arizona , AR

DNP, Chamberlain - Downers Grove , IL

Awards / Honors

Daisey , nursing school , 2014

Diasey again in 2015 , School of nursing , 2015


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