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Tanya Settles

Academic Coordinator

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Public Policy and Administration

Degree ProgramPh.D. Public Policy and Administration

Tanya Settles is a versatile researcher who focuses her attention on criminal justice reform, the role of communities in this reform, and the boundaries between the formal control of justice systems and the informal control of communities. Specifically, she has examined the design and implementation of restorative and community justice reforms using a variety of research methodologies. Dr. Settles also studies and writes about the economic and social impacts of legal commercial gambling. Over the several two years, Dr. Settles has conducted extensive research on the social and policy impacts of natural and man-made disasters, and issues associated with cultural competency as related to police-community relations. Tanya has teaching interests in the areas of research design and analysis, organization theory, ethics, and public policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.


PhD, University of Colorado at Denver


Settles, T. L. (2011). Moral panic, crime, and disaster planning: An examination of the Katrina migration to Houston The Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy and Management

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