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Tami Frye

Core Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Health

Barbara Solomon School of Social Work

Degree Program Master of Social Work (MSW)

Dr. Tami Frye has been teaching online since 2010 when she began teaching for an undergraduate university. In 2012 she began teaching at the graduate level and at one time was teaching part time for three different graduate universities at the same time. She began teaching part time for Walden in 2014 and has been teaching full time as a Core faculty member in the School of Social Work since January 2018.

Dr. Frye’s primary areas of expertise include working with the military, veterans and their families and working with grief and loss. She has done a significant amount of counseling, both in-homes and by way of distance counseling- which includes video counseling, internet counseling and telephone counseling. She has a small grief and loss counseling practice, as well.

Dr. Frye also has done a significant amount of research on grief and on military and veterans, as well as their families and has published several journal articles on these subjects. She has won several awards for her journal articles.


BA, Asbury University

MSW, University of Georgia

PhD, Capella University


Frye, T. J., Duchac, N. (2013). How the social isolation factor and ineffective counseling theory are effecting the grieving experience of today's young military widows. Journal of Military and Government Counseling.