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Dr. Bill Davis

Contributing Faculty

College of Health Sciences and Public Policy

Degree Program Ph.D. Public Health

W. Sumner Davis is a Scientist, Educator, Clinical Epidemiologist, and Forensic Scientist. He is a consultant in the areas of Public Health and Infection Control in Northern New England, and has been a Senior Consultant for a number of organizations. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Masters in Public Health, a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Epidemiology, a Masters in Divinity and Masters of Sacred Literature with a focus on Medieval History and Systematics, a Masters of Science in Human Services specializing Community Health Psychology, a Masters in Healthcare Administration, a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice, Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology, and a Masters in Science in Health Education and Promotion. He also holds Graduate Certificates in Clinical Research Administration, Applied Project Management, and Family Systems Theory. He completed his Clinical Training at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine in Emergency Psychiatric Intake.

He has been a visiting professor at Husson University, Unity College, New England College, and Walden University where he serves doctoral candidates in the Ph.D and Dr.PH in Public Health program, as well as serving in the role of URR for both programs.

Dr. Davis is active in the community, having served on the Board of Directors for the Waterville Area Humane Society, and is a committee member for several non-profit organizations. He is also an active member of professional organizations including the American College of Epidemiology, National Environmental Health Association, the International Epidemiological Association. He is an inductee of The Royal Society of Canada, and Ayanay Psychological Association in the UK.

Dr. Davis is a regular contributor for a number of journals, and is a peer-reviewer for Military Medicine, an associate editor for journals of Public Health, Epidemiology, and Neurology. He currently serves as a STEM mentor for medical and health science undergraduate students. A true polymath, he is one of the most academically qualified people in the world.


BA, University of Maine at Farmington - Farmington, ME United States

MSSc, Sringfield College - Springfield, MA United States

MDiv, Bangor Theological Seminary - Bangor, ME United States

MPH, Walden University - Minneapolis, MN United States

PhD, Walden University - Minneapois, MN United States

Postbaccalaureate Certificate, Walden University - Minneapolis, MN United States

Postbaccalaureate Certificate, Walden University - Minneapolis, MN United States

MHA, Walden University - Minneapolis, MN United States

Public Service

EC Journal of Neurology, Associate Editor

MO Journal of Public Health, Associate Editor

Military Medicine Journal, Peer Reviewer

Humane Society, Board Member - Waterville, ME United States

Team Red, White & Blue, Instructor

MentorNet, STEM Mentor

Awards / Honors

Membership, Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society , 2017

Membership, Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society , 2018

Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, 2018


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