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Stacey Elsasser

Contributing Faculty

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

School of Higher Education, Leadership, and Policy

Degree Program Ph.D. Education

I graduated from Oklahoma State University with an M.S. and Ed.D in Curriculum and Instruction. Both my master’s thesis and my dissertation were qualitative studies. My master’s thesis, “So what if I pray like a girl: Gendered Religious Socialization at a Christian School” was completed in 1999. It won a Women’s Research award at OSU. My dissertation, “My Body Wants to Go Wild Sometimes: Embodied Control and the Elementary School Child” was completed in 2002 and won the American Association for Teaching & Curriculum Outstanding Dissertation Award in Curriculum in 2003. I love the research process: from critical thinking on a topic to the empirical research to the actual writing.

During my Master’s/Doctoral program I took five different classes in Qualitative Research and two in quantitative/stats. I am most comfortable in Qualitative research, but understand and can work within the realm of quantitative as well. I was the data analyst at United Airlines for Pilot Training for 3 years.