Bola Tilghman

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Ph.D. Education

Dr. Tilghman is an exemplary scholar as well as an outstanding educator who possessed consummate knowledge, skills and ability in her field. There is no dearth of evidence of her dedication to the academy; she exemplified the importance of continual learning by remaining at the cutting edge of her craft. She has been teaching in technology and educational leadership for more than twenty years. She received her Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership, with concentration in Higher Education and Distance Learning Technology. She has consistently demonstrated the intellectual and technical skills needed to take her students to the next level. She has been teaching undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of Information Technology, Computer Application, Computer Science, Computer Information systems, Educational Leadership, and Educational Leadership in technology for more than twenty years. Dr. Tilghman has broad interests in Connecting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning with Instructional Design of Online Courses in education and technology, particularly Online Assessment Strategies. Specifically, she is interested in how to best build effective online learning community to achieve a successful learning environment and mastery of content through the effective design and development of online course assessment. Dr. Tilghman feels it is important to build online learning community to achieve successful learning environment. She also feels it is important to foster a well-developed online learning community where cohesiveness can occur; conflicts can be managed effectively; tasks and social emotional needs can be balanced; and group activity (form of course assessment) can be achieved amicably. With the successful building of online learning community, the online learners can master the course content through effective course assessment. She seeks to address the correlation between building a successful online learning community and students’ ability to successfully master the contents through online assessment.