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Sarah Breier

Contributing Faculty

College of Nursing

Degree Program Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

I was born and raised in Tasmania, Australia yet have lived and worked in the USA for many years. I do spend a lot of time back in my native Tasmanian homeland, but thanks to the internet and Blackboard (which is a superb application), I am able to remain at the forefront of nursing education using the very best in educational teaching and learning technologies. I am Adjunct Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Fellow of the MU Center of Health Ethics at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I obtained a Bachelor and Master of Nursing from the University of Tasmania, School of Nursing, and a PhD from the University of Tasmania, School of Medicine (Bioethics). I have practiced in various clinical and academic settings in the USA and Australia including emergency, critical care, home health, rural and remote, oncology and gerontology. I obtained a post-doctoral fellowship in Physician Ethics and Professionalism through the Medical College of Wisconsin, am a certified Legal Nurse Consultant, and have published work on medical, nursing and end-of-life ethics. I have two teens in High School who both row crew, and I am a very keen ultra distance triathlete....who has a penchant for South East Asian cookery.