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Sam Taylor

Contributing Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Psychology

Degree Program Ph.D. Psychology

Dr. Taylor is a science driven professional that seeks to improve individuals and organizations using a hybrid school of thought he likes to refer to as the HUMAPOSIPSYCHOANALYTIC school of thought or “Sam’s Theory” in providing learning and development. Core to this belief is that every human being wants to be better, understanding that, he seeks through a variety of techniques to help people achieve their ideal state. Here are the fundamental beliefs of the HUMAPOSIPSYCHOANALYTIC Theory

• People want to self-actualize (fundamental belief that people want to grow)

• Development must be a collaborative process

• Leaders and facilitators must be genuine

• Choice comes with responsibility

• Each person is unique

• The relationship matters

• Find strengths before you find weaknesses

• Seek happiness in equal definition

• The past matters, no matter what you think

• The unconscious is a force to recognized

Dr. Taylor has been an educator at the community college, college, and university level for 9 years. He has a fundamental belief that education can be a transformative experience in making people happier and more successful. At Walden University he is focused on dissertation advising and ensuring that learners make it through the process that can sometimes be discouraging.


PhD, Capella University - Minnesota, MN United States

MS, Capella University - Minnesota, MN United States

BS, University of Phoenix - Tacoma, WA United States